Ecotone GPS Workshop

You are invited !!

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the growing interest in GPS technology for monitoring and autecological studies, we are increasingly being asked to organise a workshop devoted to this topic.

To meet this demand, we have decided to undertake this task in cooperation with scientific research centres. Please read our initial suggestions, and send any comments for possible inclusions.

The main objectives:

Present the latest opportunities and trends in GPS technology;

Exchange experiences and ideas between the leaders of the various projects;

Facilitate contacts and alliances between projects carried out on the same animal species in different countries / regions of Europe;

Hands-on training in the field of GPS telemetry


Preliminary program provides:

Scientific session - Short presentations by participants on the projects using, or the potential ability to use, GPS technology

Poster sessions Presentations of the latest GPS telemetry solutions offered by Ecotone

Field session Practical training in handling GPS devices that use radio transmission and transmission through the GSM network

Education and training in attaching telemetry devices on the different species of birds and mammals

Equipment for demonstration, animals and training provided by Ecotone.





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